Summer freshness reloaded
"Summer freshness is to lean against the wooden wall and enjoy the fresh apple strudel."

Come with us to the lakes of the Austrian pre-Alps. 

In the heart of the country, where the emperor and his court already lived in summer. Over 100 years later, the diverse area has once again become more attractive. As an alternative to city monotony, to the humid, stuffy air around the metropolises and as a hope scenario that there is still something like a natural charging station.



The scene of world history.

Today the Salzkammergut stretches from Lake Fuschl via Mondsee, Lake Wolfgang, Attersee into the Almtal, from the valley of the Vöckla to the Dachstein and the Grimming.

In fact, the history of the Salzkammergut began much smaller as a tranquil region privately owned by the Habsburgs, which was primarily characterized by salt mining.


Already 5000 BC Salt was mined in Hallstatt and gained more and more economic importance in the early modern period. With the founding of the saltworks in Ebensee, a separate branch of industry developed in the region, which still offers jobs to many people in the region today.

With the prosperity of the nobility in the 19th century, the idyllic spot in the middle of Austria also became more and more popular to enjoy summer holidays here.


The "who's who" of society gathered around Ischl in the summer months to listen to the fine sounds of the spa music, to linger in the enchanting landscape or simply to escape the turbulent life in the city.

This flair can still be felt in the region today and invites visitors to walk in historical footsteps year after year. The variety of opportunities for activities and cultural enjoyment makes the Salzkammergut so unique in Austria.

It is not without reason that the region hosts Austria's largest operetta festival and draws on a great cultural history. This legacy can also be experienced in the Kongress and TheaterHaus and noticeably enriches the region with its annual events.

The mix of events includes scientific and medical congresses, corporate meetings and product presentations, the performances of the Lehár Festival Bad Ischl, other cultural events, balls and events from local associations.